FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

Q - Why should I not just pay after ordering?

A – We dont offer our Goods online only, also on Shows and directly from the Shelf. Many Items are low-quantity collectors' items, sometimes an item is sold at the same time on-site or at an event and then becomes unavailable. Therefore, we ask you to wait for an availability confirmation, so that the goods are really there. Unfortunately, bank transfers incur costs that are all the more annoying when the transfers are made unnecessarily.


Q - Why do I can't find an IBAN Code on the Order Confirmation?

A - Because it comes with the Availability Confirmation when the ordered Items are ready to ship.

Please also read the above Answer.


Q – Can I still pay via Paypal?

A – Yes it's still possible, if you wish to do so, please state this in your comment Line on the Order Form. When all Items are sorted, you get a notification and shortly after a Paypal-Request. Then you just have to click the Button for payment. In the Paypal Total, the additional fees will be added as the System won't do it automatically..


Q – Why do I read funny colour Codes in the Variations?

A- These are only internal search helps to find the variant you are looking for easier. Here is a colored ribbon attached to the article, which can be easily removed. Do not worry, a camouflage Trouser with the color yellow is still a camouflage Trouser, and not a yellow one.


Q - In the Items description, the Item is marked as short supply but I can't order?

A - Sadly, after an Update of the System, Items with zero availability are not shown anymore.

To have them still online, like for reference or questions, we hat to post a phantom Item what isn't visible but keeps the Item online.