As the VAT was switched back to 19%, the value will be changed manually until the System could be updated.

The Total will change a bit during this Procedure.Later it will be shown automatically in the invoices.

Important for UK Orders: Otherwise as promised, UK Authorities charge sometimes high extra Charges and fees on Orders from the EU to the UK. Please note, we have no influence on this. To be sure what you might have to pay, please contact HMRC on this Matter for clarification.

Please Note the Info stated at "Ordering & Shipping" in the Information Section when ordering.

Important Notice for Paypal customers:

There will be no forwarding to the Paypal Site for a while.

Please order as you did before, after we completed the Order we send a Payment request, then you just need to pay it by clicking the button.So please state in the Order that you would pay with paypal.

If you have any questions or search for specific Items, please use the following contact:

Please don't use the Contact Form at the moment.

Best Reagrds

Your Berlin-Military Team

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